Iain's Drawing Room, LLC



Being that I moved to Minnesota as a child from England, I decided upon the name “Iain’s Drawing Room” for a few reasons.  The obvious reason is that I “draw” home plans using the most up-to-date CAD software. Currently I use AutoCAD Architecture 2013 and Chief Architect X5. 


There is also a nod to my heritage with the British term Drawing room, being the room where a family would “withdraw” for more privacy.


When producing a new home plan, I strive to generate the best plans possible.  I endeavor to create a home that stays within your budget, and fits your personal style and needs.  My plans are detailed, and convey the intent in a clear and concise manner.


I am very proud of the recognition I have received from the craftsmen in the field.  I work closely with a couple of builders, and I have developed a relationship with a few of the individuals who could be involved in crafting your dream home. This gives me unusual insight regarding the plans I create.



"Iain designed our garage and front porch. It came out perfect and made our house look complete! I trust that I will be completely satisfied with what he designs." - Andy Shell